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Donate – Please Help the Cause!


Thank you for your interest in supporting the activities of Love Gives Foundation. There are many ways to support. Our payment methods are PayPal, Direct Debit, Credit Card, wire transfer. You can also make a cash/check contribution by mail.

Alternatively, you can make an in-kind contribution by emailing If you would like to know how your contribution will be utilized, refer to the table below…

We see that over 90% of our funding reaches our programs abroad. And once our funds reach abroad, they go even further… 


Will provide the materials necessary to build and install a water system to serve a village of 2000 people.

1 hour of your salary

Will provide innumerable services to many of the poor and underserved for a lifetime, and give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart for that one hour…

You can mail your contribution to the address below or click on the link below to make an online contribution via credit-card payment:

Donations Coordinator
Love Gives Foundation
P O Box 446
N Chelmsford, MA  01863