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What We Do

Empowerment and Support

We provide youth empowerment initiatives where adolescent girls are encouraged to take charge of their lives. This is done by providing access to resources that transform their consciousness through beliefs, values, skills and attitudes. Girl empowerment is achieved through participation in life skill development, mentorship, role modelling and active involvement in development programs.

Environmental Health including Water and Sanitation:

Love Gives Foundation’s focus is to prevent and control water-borne diseases since they are the single most important causes of mortality and morbidity in rural communities in developing countries.

Child Sponsorship

Orphans and vulnerable children are part of a major social problem that fuels the poverty cycle in developing countries. Statistics show that more than a quarter of all orphans in the world are in Africa. This situation is not different in Ghana. The statistics surrounding the rising population and the immense suffering of these children is overwhelming. Traumatized by the death of their

Healthcare for All

LOVE GIVES FOUNDATION’s Healthcare for All Program, and other Specialized Services program aims to make sure that no one is denied healthcare because of financial constraints in the rural areas. These services are geared towards children under 18 years and the elderly folks who are 60 years and above as well as the disabled of all ages, to help improve life efficacy in the rural communities.

Donate – Please Help the Cause!


Thank you for your interest in supporting the activities of Love Gives Foundation. There are many ways to support. You can make a cash contribution by mail or by making an online donation