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Our Project

The Community To Classroom (C2c) Program

Research has highlighted many of the problems faced by students, families, and public school administrators in West african rural  primary and secondary education systems. A lack of adequate resources, curriculum and professional development together with unsafe infrastructures have created a learning environment that is not

LG Foundation seeks to break this cycle by using local and global human, financial and technological resources to improve stewardship, student outcomes and infrastructure in public, primary and secondary schools.

To improve stewardship, the C2C Program seeks to support education leaders and administrators in their professional development and equips them to lead their schools in becoming student-centered, outcome-based, inclusive and high-quality learning environments. We will provide school administrators with training focusing on leadership and resource management, connecting them to international education community to share learning, and link each school with opportunities for local and international monetary support through grants and awards.

To improve student outcomes, their attendance and retention rates will be measured at aggregate national data level and used to identify areas for teacher professional development and administrative resource allocation, for which the C2C Program will offer supplementary training, including exposure to national and international best teaching practices.

To improve school infrastructures, the C2C Network will work with school administrators, teachers, parents and community members to source supplementary funding, so that students can learn in safe and adequate facilities and additional counseling and support services can be offered to students such as girls who experienced violence and those from extremely poor backgrounds.

We strongly believe that investment in education is an investment in the future. As we begin to identify ‘best practices’, anecdotally and through compilation of tangible programmatic data, our hope is that the Community to Classroom(C2C) Program will become a model for improving the quality of the public schools in the rural areas.


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