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Our Project

Child Sponsorship

Orphans and vulnerable children are part of a major social problem that fuels the poverty cycle in developing countries. Statistics show that more than a quarter of all orphans in the world are in Africa. This situation is not different in Ghana. The statistics surrounding the rising population and the immense suffering of these children is overwhelming. Traumatized by the death of their parents, these orphans become antisocial with the society seemingly becoming impervious to their plight. Furthermore, some of these children who do not have guardians to protect and care for them, become easy targets for human traffickers, human rituals, arm robbery and other social deviants. This has in turn denied the orphans and vulnerable children a chance to access basic needs such as proper health care, education, shelter and nutrition.

Love Gives Foundation aims at developing interventions to address this situation in Ghana through the scholarship program with a goal of providing the following:

  • Nutritional and livelihood support
  • Educational support
  • School supplies